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Zip HydroTap Specification Sheets

Zip HydroTap’s come in a range of variations and capacities – from boiling, chilled and sparkling water to the volume of cups a HydroTap can produce per hour.

Variation Key:

Boiling = B
Chilled = C
Chilled & Sparkling = CS
Boiling & Chilled = BC
Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling = BCS
Boiling & Ambient (room temperature) = BA
Boiling, Chilled, Hot & Ambient (For All In One taps – BC filtered water and hot and cold tap water) = BCHA
Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling, Hot & Ambient (For All-In-One taps – BC filtered water and hot and cold tap water) = BCSHA

For Residential products, you can identify the specification you want to download by which HydroTap style you’re looking for and the water variations you would like.

Zip Commerical Products

Firstly, choose your HydroTap design.

Secondly, choose your water variation (eg. boiling & chilled water).

Lastly, pick the capacity you’d like. The higher the capacity eg. 240/175 the more cups of water can be produced per hour. If there are 2 numbers displayed on the sheet, this refers to the capacity of cups per hour based on which water variation is listed first. In the case of the HydroTap Classic in Boiling & Chilled 160/125, the tap will produce 160 cups of boiling water and 125 cups of chilled water.

If you have questions regarding residential and commercial products and specification sheets, contact us.